Grandma Wu-Li, Yu-Ge (1901- 1991) was born at Feng-ting, Hsien-yu, Fu-chien Province in China. She went to
Feng-ting Catholic Church with her grandfather when she was 6 and began learning embroidery at 7. She had
never received any formal school education all her life. She got married with Mr. Wu, Jui-hsiang when she was
17 and they had four daughters and two sons. In 1949, She took refuge in Taiwan and started making her living
by doing needlework. Her exquisite embroidery was especially favored by ladies.

 When she was 60, she got more and more homesick and often dreamed of her hometown. One day she put
down her needles and pick up a paint brush and started to draw. While she simply trying to capture the
landscape in her dreams through her brushes, she unexpectedly revealed the talent in painting and statuary.
Her works are simple and unsophisticated, full of dreams and imagination. They were highly appraised by art
critics. In the same year, she held her first individual exhibition in Taipei News Building. Her oil painting “Green
Lake” was selected to attain the 23rd Tai-yang Art Exhibition, such encouragement  gave her confidence in her
painting ability henceforth.

 Ever since the moment she started to use paintbrushes, constant inspiration has popped out like the flow of a
spring. She spent more than ten hours painting every day rain or shine. Other than that, she was invited to hold
exhibitions each year and showed her talent and skills in different aspects – such as water-color painting, wash
drawing, oil painting, and clay statuary, etc. Through more than 30 years of exploration and hard work, she has
created her own style and has completed no less than three thousand art works. She was reputed the most
talented naïve artist in Far East. She passed away on 1991 at the age of 90 in Taipei with her family.
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